A-BLOCKCHAIN-BASED The Human Pharmagenome Based Investment Project

A genome is the genetic information of an organism. Every person has a unique variation of the human genome. A genome sequence makes every person special, that is, it affects both our outward appearance, such as the eye color, as well as on the personal characteristics of the individual.


Token Sale Ended

Hardcap: $90.000

Project timeline

Q3 2017

Q1 2018

Concept Research Start
May, 2018

Token Sale
Q4 2018

Launch of Beta platform
May, 2019

Marketing & Services
Q3 2019

Implementation of standard platform
Q2, 2020

Setting up laboratory
Q4 2020

Growth on global market


Aleš Borut Ivanko

Aleš Borut Ivanko is a CEO, architect and designer. He established and led an advertising agency and design studio since 1990. He was the co-founder of a very successful online advertising studio. He is still self-employed in the same company since the establishment. It has trained many young and successful designers. He has many design projects since 1985 and architectural projects since 1991.

Martina Vrankar

Assistant Professor Martina Vrankar MD, PhD, has been working for more than 22 years at the Institute of Oncology in Ljubljana, where she is leading a multidisciplinary team for the treatment of lung cancer. She is currently the lead researcher in several international clinical trials. She also participates in the Medical Physics program group, which brings together experts from...
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Ales Ivkovic

Master of Science in Economics Aleš Ivković, MBA, began his professional career in the field of insurance in the Mutual Health Insurance Company, where he was marketing director and now he also runs his insurance agency. Otherwise, he acts as a consultant to major Slovenian and international companies in the field of management of projects financed by the EU funds...
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Tone Rop

Master of Science in Economics Anton Rop, the former prime minister Republic of Slovenia, began his career as assistant director of Slovenian Institute for Macroeconomics Analysis and Development, and then continued his career State Secretary at the Ministry of Economic Relations and Development of the Republic of Slovenia, Minister of Labour, Family and...
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Uros Lojk

Uroš Lojk is a web and graphic designer. He began working in a design studio in Slovenia. In 2014 he moved to London. He has worked for an English company in Bangkok since 2016. He has many design and WEB international projects and is an expert in advertising on social networks.

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